KINGS Affiliation Information

Join our 2019 - 20 Season

KINGS Ski Club is a not for profit organisation and as such we need to cover the costs of slope hire, prizes, equipment & insurance. Part of these costs are covered by sponsorship, but all others funds are raised from affiliation and race fees. We are careful each year to make sure that we generate just enough revenue and these are always subject to scruitiny at the end of each season.

All clubs are subject to the same fees and we ask that club Treasurers work closely with the KINGS Treasurer. This will help to ensure that invoices issued to clubs are resolved by the due date, especially if there are any discrepencies or questions your club might have.

Affiliation Fees

Teams Affiliated
One Team
Two Teams
Three Teams
Four Teams
Five Teams
Six Teams

Race Fees

Teams Affiliated
Mixed Team - 5 racers
Snowboard Teams - 4 Racers
Ladies Team - Four Racers

Payments How & Where

The Club Treasurer will issue an invoice to your club and you'll have 30 days in which to settle the ammount. If you need to arrange an extended time scale then please email the Treasurer and they'll be able to arrange this with you.

Most University clubs will require the Student/Athletic Union to pay the KINGS invoice from their account, it is still the affiliated club's Captain & Treasurer to ensure payment is made in time. While we don't want to exclude any team from racing when they arrive at a slope, we reserve the right to do so, particularly if bills remain unpaid.